Monday, April 1, 2013

One Month and Easter

Well, we have had a busy week!  Mikey went back to work starting on Monday, so I was left to figure out how to handle Noah all by myself.  We ended up taking him to the Dr. on Tuesday because he kept having screaming fits when we fed him and it turns out that babies can have acid reflux, so the little guy got his first prescription, and so far I think it has been helping him not hate life when we try to burp him.    

On Tuesday, extended family also made their way into town!  I don't think it was all for Noah, but we don't have to tell him that.  He got to meet two of his Great Aunts, a Great Uncle and two second cousins.  I hope everyone got in enough time holding the little guy, I didn't even have to pay attention to where he was when we were visiting!  There are a ton of pictures for this blog, so hopefully they will tell of the last week on their own.  

We did go to the Dr. for the one month check-up this morning and his official stats are that he is now 8 pounds 8 ounces and 22 inches long.  He is growing so quickly to me and Mikey, before we know it he will be running around the house! The Doctor said he looked good and that he was very attentive to what the doctor was doing.  Noah did get a shot today and he screamed his little head off so loud that the lady at the front desk on the other side of the office said they could hear him.  

Enjoy the pictures!

Grandpa David trying to hide the spit up!
Cousin Breckin holding Noah for the first time
Getting ready to dye Easter Eggs
Julie, Aunt Carol and Noah with Noah's 1st Easter Egg
Second cousin Katie and Noah
Second cousin Claire and Noah
Great Uncle Mike
Aunt Amanda, Uncle Jim and Noah
Cousin Reagan taking a turn
Great Aunt Jacquie holding Noah!
Family photo during lunch at Trinity
Great Aunt Carol taking a turn while at dinner
Socks with sandals... not ok
The Easter Family photo
The one month growth picture
Stretching or screaming for the one month picture
Getting weighed - 8 lbs 8 oz
Waiting with Dad at the Doctor's office
Staring at something!

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