Friday, April 12, 2013

6 Weeks Old!

Our baby boy is six weeks old, we can't believe he has grown so much already!  He still hasn't starting solving math equations or anything but he is much more interactive than he was just last week. Mikey and I had our first date sans kid last Saturday night, and we didn't even call Grandma once to check on him!  I have taken him for walks around the neighborhood and we stop by Starbucks and he just looks around so intently at everything the whole time we are inside.  I also think he has started to watch things on the TV while he sits with us.  He also enjoys spending time on his play mat, although after about ten minutes he starts to get a little pouty and sticks out his bottom lip and then starts to cry.  And that's about it for an update on the kiddo!

Out for a walk
Five week old picture 
Already watching TV
The bottom lip pout
The six week comparison 

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