Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TWD: Baking With Julia - Chocolate-Mint Nightcaps

These cookies sounded wonderful and not too hard to make, so I gave them a try.  Anything that has lots of chocolate isn't hard to talk me into baking!  I think they turned out decently, but not favorite by any means.  The cookie probably could have cooked for a little bit longer, they were really soft.  Mikey said I could blame the altitude for that, so I will and I think the cookies may harden a little after a day or so!  Also, I thought that by cooking the mint into the cream that they would be mintier than they were, but it is a good amount of mint.  All in all I might try them again someday and play with the recipe a little bit...  it's not like we are not going to eat all of them!

First I made the ganache....  I boiled the heavy cream with chopped up mint and then whisked it into the chocolate!

Then it was on to the cookies, they were really simple to whip up.  I do think my eggs were a bit too cold when I added them, so my butter got a little chunky.  I added the flour mixture anyways and it turned into a creamy chocolate dough, or maybe batter is a better term.

Piped a little ganache in the middle and gave it a shot as to what I thought a nightcap should look like!  Then I ate it in about three bites!  Don't pay any attention to how uneven my cookies turned out, I didn't measure out perfect scoops.

Smaller might have been better because these are chocolaty!  Also I think more mint would be nice, but all in all it was a nice and different recipe to try.