Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jelly BEANS!

Noah was so excited about Easter this year!  Every time you asked him about Easter or the Easter Bunny, he would half say half scream "Jelly BEANS???"  It was so fun to celebrate Easter with both his Great Grandmas this year.  He was so excited with every egg he found and it was just a joy to watch him!  We tried to have a quiet morning, but the amount of M&M's that he ate during the first three minutes of him being up for the day didn't really set that up to work.  He had two Easter egg hunts and was just as excited for the second one as he was the first one!

He still asks to find Easter eggs, eat some jelly beans or M&M's, and will ask please very nicely when doing so!  He also loves to tell people about the airplane ride, what the airplane sounds like, and how it flies in the sky.  We were sad his Dad wasn't there, but we had a great time!


Sharing with Great Grandma

Hiding the eggs to find them again

Found some in the drawer!
Easter kisses from Great Grandma

A quick trip

I decided to take a trip to Texas to see my Grandmas.  It turned out that my parents were coming home from Florida and would be in Texas the first weekend in April. I had a long weekend, one day longer than normal because my work was closed for Good Friday.  I bought a ticket the week before and starting planning on taking Noah to Texas by myself.  Things were looking good, until two days later I went to the doctor to find out I had bronchitis with probably a little bit of pneumonia.  I got four prescriptions and asked what they thought of me flying in four days.  I didn't feel super horrible, just pretty poor breathing.  Later that night Noah started sounding really bad, lots of wheezing and coughing.  We didn't think we were going to sleep at all and finally ended up deciding to take him to the ER.  The doctors said that if our breathing sounded fine we were probably okay to fly to Texas... so three days later we were off!

We had a great trip!  Lots of playing and seeing family.  We went on walks to the park, went to see the tractor but Noah wouldn't sit on it, we played with blocks, we played the piano, we did puzzles on the ipad, we ran around fountains, we ate waffles and bbq and tex mex and cookies, we blew lots of bubbles, we watched the rain, we read books, and we eventually took naps once we were really worn out.  Here are just a few quick pictures of fun.  I am going to write a whole other post for Easter!

Not a lot of folks flying to Houston at 6 AM

Practicing his Mozart
Playing puzzles

Four generations

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's really happened!

Our baby boy has turned 2!  It still seems crazy to think he is that old even a month after his birthday!  He is loving life most of the time or he is throwing himself full speed onto the ground crying!  We are having a blast and are so blessed to have him in our lives.  I wouldn't trade the last two years for anything, and we are so excited for what learning and playing and loving we have ahead of us till he turns 3.  Whoa, I cannot even to imagine him being 3.

We had a big party planned with a trip to the park up the road and then pizza and cake, but his birthday fell during two weeks of nonstop snow here in Colorado so we changed the plan a bit.  We cleared out most of the big room in our basement and threw down a few rugs and all of his toys.  We were hoping the 30 people we invited would find room somewhere and we would all just hang out and play.  It actually turned out okay, well at least Mikey and I think so.  Everyone played really well and Noah didn't seem to concerned about everyone playing with his toys.  I think he was too distracted to really notice that he was sharing!

After lunch, everyone sang to Noah, he was very excited about the Happy Birthday song, but then when it actually happened, he seemed a bit scared.  He had asked for an Elmo cake, and the grocery store did a great job for us.

Lastly, he had a bunch of presents to open, but after he found a firetruck, he was set!  He really has loved playing with all of his new toys.  He comes home from running errands or daycare, and asks us to play with him and his presents!  We are really bad at ever saying no to the cutest kid!

We did have his 2 year check up the following day, and everything looked great.  The doctor was happy that he was still growing and running around like crazy.  He was 33 inches tall and 25.6 lbs.

Other fun stories about him, he can pick out a few letters in the alphabet and tell you what they are, he can count to fifteen (he skips thirteen a lot, but we just keep on going), he really doesn't like to change out of jammies and then he doesn't like to change into jammies, he takes baby dolphin everywhere with him, he asks for tisses (kisses) all the time, he scares Papa with his dinosaur roar and then cracks up laughing, he likes to line up his bath toys, he runs around Costco like a mad man and then yells STOP at the end of each aisle, he slyly asks for fruit snacks every time you ask him what he wants to eat, when he is done chewing on his hand because he is teething he says Eww, slobby hand, and he really likes to do the Hot Dog Dance at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It didn't take long for a good snowstorm to hit after Christmas.  We pushed through Noah's tears and got him in his snow pants and coat, but we skipped the snow boots to save some crying.  After drying his tears we headed out for some snow fun, he loved his sled and did not want to get out!  He complained when he got snow on his gloves and he wouldn't hold on very well so he slid around in the sled a few times.  After we got tired of pulling him around the neighborhood, we sent him down our driveway which had just enough slope that he was on his way.   I then made him sit in the snow with me, which he did not like at all in the beginning, but after a little while he was asking for more snow!

Too fast
This stuff is awesome!

The next day we went up to my parents house to see what kind of sledding we could do there.   We pulled him around the yard and then ended up sledding down the driveway with him!   He seemed to like it and kept asking for more.   He had a slight fever and cough that day so we just went a couple more times and called it good.

Family Fun!

The next snowstorm came a few days later and he was so excited to get all his snow gear on and go play that we even got his snow boots on!  He walked all over the park and a lot of the way home!  He is getting pretty heavy.  We are looking forward to our next day of playing in the snow!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Rewind

I can't let Christmas time end just yet without a blog post sharing Noah's excitement.  He was so excited to see Christmas lights everywhere and he would point out every Christmas tree he saw.  We had a great time celebrating with our families and Noah seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.  We seemed to get all of our traditions included in the festivities this year.  We watched our Christmas movies, ate lots of Wisconsin candy, got olives from Santa, made Christmas cookies, saw Santa, drove around town to look at lights, and had a wrapping paper fight!

We went to see Santa at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  They set up a ton of lights throughout the zoo, so we bundled up and went to see the animals and Santa.  Noah was very excited when we got in the room with Santa, but then when it was his turn to say hi, he was not letting go of Daddy at all.  We did get him to say HO, HO, HO for Santa and that was pretty cute.  Then Noah gave him a high five!

Christmas Eve we spent with Mikey's family and we really enjoyed having them come hang out with us at our house.  We jumped right into opening up presents.  Noah had tried to open two or three that were under the tree before Christmas, but every time he was told it wasn't time yet he put them back. He seemed a little unsure of opening presents, but it did not take him long to get it figured out!

Noah trying to figure out wrapping paper
On a roll now!
Super excited for his Thomas Train set!  All aboard!
On Christmas morning we spent time at home and got our stockings and opened up a few presents.  He really liked his Christmas stocking on Christmas morning!  

Then it was off to my parents house for Christmas dinner.  Having Noah and his cousins enjoying their Christmas together was very fun to watch and definitely makes Christmas for me more exciting now that I get to experience it with Noah!  We really had a great time with everyone!

Noah went straight for the candy that Santa brought him
He did not want to get out of his sled!
Really into unwrapping presents now
Unsure of his new Elmo doll
But after a minute he couldn't resist
The wrapping paper fight!

Fashion Show
Reagan and Noah playing horses
Noah and Breckin playing too!