Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our basement!!!

We finished our basement!!  It has taken us 8 years to getting it done and we are sooooo excited that we have all this extra space to now live and play in!   So, get ready for a ton of picture of walls!

The first three are of the pre-anything done pictures of the basement.  We got all of our materials delivered one morning and Noah was so excited to see a huge truck in our very own driveway!

Our to be tv/living room!
The other side looking towards the stairs, and Mikey behind the pole.
The to be new office!
We had all the framing done by two guys we know and they hammered it out in less than three days!  And then they started hanging the drywall and mudding soon after!

To be living area and first look at the new can lights!
Drywall!  It's looking good!
Archway over the office entry instead of a door
Looking more and more like bookshelves!
Ready for PAINT!!  It took about a month for the framing, drywall, mudding, and sanding, but we were finally ready to get painting!  It was really starting to look like a finished basement!

Living area
The office from the hallway
My parents helped us paint!  Here were doing the primer!  And you can see the bookshelves.
Mikey priming away!
After the primer we had to pick the colors we wanted, and I picked purple for the back of the bookcase and we picked grey for the walls!  We were very pleased with the grey, but the purple was just a bit more than we expected.  We kept it hoping the the shelves and all those leather bound books would make the purple look good or hide it!  

Bookshelves between the hallway to the office and the stairs
Living area
I think this next step might have been the hardest for us to pick, but I am so happy with how it turned out and how it looks.  CARPET and fake hardwood flooring!!  We had to move some stuff for the carpet to be put in so, it is all in the new office so you can't see the flooring in there very well, but you can see all our junk!  We are so excited to start moving stuff down there and are so happy with how it all turned out!  We just need the trim/baseboards and we will be completely done!  If you made it this far in the blog there are a few pictures of Noah playing downstairs.  I am not sure how he is going to handle furniture down there because he is loving the room to run around and around and around.

Purple Bookshelves and a crooked picture :)
Here is the laundry room with fake tile flooring and then the office with a lot of junk and our new hardwood flooring!


Noah and Daddy went straight to playing in the basement!  Noah also likes to hide from us in the basement, he isn't too hard to find since he tells us to "Come on in" and giggles from time to time.  This is the only picture I took of our preexisting/finished bedroom we had in the basement, but now it has new carpet!  It is a room we had some water come through the window well in last year so we are so glad to have the drywall all fixed and new carpet!  That's our new basement!  Hope it that wasn't too boring for you!  Come on over and run around down there before we move the furniture!

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  1. Wonderful work! It must be very satisfying after eight years. It seems to me that many people choose to ignore the basement and instead focus on other parts of the house and leave the basement to be ignored when it provides so much extra living space that people use as storage instead. Pictures like these show that a basement can be beautiful and somewhere to enjoy the house as much as the living room.

    Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions