Monday, July 13, 2015

A June Recap

Where did June go?  I have no idea...  life is just blasting past us.

June was a good month, we were busy with basement stuff, painting, fixing flooring, building shelves, moving stuff, getting carpet installed and some more painting.  BUT, we are almost completely finished with it, we just need baseboards!  I'll post another blog about all that in a bit, but for this post just wanted to let you know what we were up to in June outside of our basement!

The first weekend of June, Mikey and I made our way to Vail for the GoPro Mountain Games.  We have gone for about five years now, I think.  We decided we would compete in the Disc Golf competition, but we did really poorly so we don't need to talk about that much.  Since we were competing we decided to let Noah stay at Nana's house for the weekend, which made it easier to compete, watch movies outside after dark, ride our bicycles around, and do some yoga outside with a hundred of our fellow yogi friends.

Noah and I made a trip to the zoo and he saw some other kids line up to get their picture taken so he lined up for his to be taken too!  I think it is one of the cutest pictures we have of him!  We also made a trip or two or three to the ice cream store just down the road from our house, he loves his with M&M's!  He eats his cone separately and then usually just picks the M&M's out of the ice cream!  And we also get to take a walk to the park about every day, as long as its not raining we have made our way over to play.  He is pretty good about taking a water and snack break while we are out playing when it is pretty hot out.  The last picture is on one of the colder days we have had, but he still likes to have a snack break with me and watch what other kids are doing at the park.

We also made our way out to two Sky Sox Baseball games last month.  Noah had a lot of fun looking for Sox the Fox and he was really excited to clap along with the songs that were played.  At the second game we got to see Noah's cousins from Wyoming and he had a great time playing with them.

Here are just some other pictures from last month.  He is growing so fast.  He loves the Minions and wears his Minion or Lightning McQueen shirt every chance he gets.  The first picture collage is when he got to share some of Daddy's Father's Day Twinkies.  It was his first Twinkie ever and of course he loved it because he loves sugar!  The second picture is when he helped me make some blueberry muffins, he loves to help pour things!  Then he had some phone calls to make, usually he calls a girl from daycare or his cousin Breckin.  And the last picture is just him pulling the wagon around my parents driveway.  He didn't want to get in at all, he just wanted to pull it around!

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