Thursday, February 21, 2013

Counting Down

So, it seems like this next week might be the longest of my life… this little guy apparently is in no hurry to come meet the outside world.  My due date is now less than one week away and I really can’t believe that he will be here any day now and Michael and I will forever be parents to a little boy.  I have still been working every day and am planning to keep working at least for the rest of this week.  Each day is getting a little harder to talk myself into sitting at my desk and concentrating on anything other than the fact that some day soon there will be a little life that is dependent on me and Michael.

It has been a long road to get to this last week, but it has gone pretty quickly when I think about it.  We had a pretty crazy year since we found out we were going to be parents.  There was the Waldo Canyon Fire in June where we were evacuated from our house for a week, although we were not quite sure about being pregnant, I had my suspicions and we found out the next week.  We traveled to Texas and Washington D.C. for weddings.  We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in Vail!  Then we had two wonderful holidays spent with our families.  It has gone by fast.  Having morning sickness seemed to last for forever, but now it seems like those four months were a long time ago and wasn't as horrible as it was. I haven’t gained too much weight, about 15 pounds (I had some extra room for him to hide in to start with) and the doctor thinks my belly is all baby!  It is kind of nice to think that I might be able to get back to my old body kind of quickly, but I know it will take a while, but the hopes are there.

We have really been blessed with an amazing amount of gifts and prayers from friends and family and I am not sure we can think of anything we might want or need.  We are very thankful for that!  Over the weekend I think we finished every minor touch we could think of for his room, we just need him to complete it!  Hopefully our next blog post will be sooner rather than later with the first pictures of our newest family member!  Now, if he would just stop these hiccups already and come on out!