Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time for an update!

We are having an eventful Memorial Day Weekend already, and man was I ready for a break from work! HA, my first day back to work was just yesterday and it was nice to see everyone and catch up on all the changes that have happened at work while I was away.  It was hard to leave Noah at home for nine hours, but it helped a lot knowing that Mikey was home with him in the morning and then Mikey's Mom was with him for the rest of the day.  She said it went well and that they just had a great first day!

Here are a few cute pictures from the last week, we'll probably have more tomorrow to share!  I need to take an updated growth picture with his teddy bear!
The cutest picture ever of Noah sleeping with his whale, he wouldn't let it go!
Noah sitting in his Bumbo!  It makes him look pretty small!
Dad having Noah walk up his stomach!
Noah sleeping on the couch!  Probably watched too much hockey!
I also have to report that my garden has officially started growing!  The zucchini and yellow squash have popped out of the dirt, so hopefully we will be enjoying zucchini bread and grilled squash soon!

We hit up Territory Days this afternoon with Brian and Kim, I think it was probably the first time the kid has seen a million people in one place!  He did great and slept through most of it till we stopped and ate some carnival food!
Dad and Noah at Territory Days!
Brian and Kim
Family photo!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

It is Julie's first Mother's Day, and we couldn't be more excited about the day!  The celebrations actually started last weekend when we took my Mom out to brunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort to celebrate with her.  She went camping this weekend (lucky!) so we did it a week early.  Brunch was quite nice, and Noah even made it through most of the meal without a major meltdown.

Mother's Day Brunch
Also at Mother's Day Brunch

As Spring finally came to Colorado and left most of the snow behind, we discovered a bunny in our backyard.  At this point he is much better than me at getting the dandelions so I'm all for him stopping by regularly.  I tried to show Noah the bunny, but I don't think he can see quite that well yet.

Our bunny!

Mother's Day finally came, so I made some Julie some waffles and we enjoyed a nice morning together with our son.  She really wanted to go for a picnic, so we gathered up the kid, stopped at Subway and headed down to a park just down the road from us.  Noah screamed for a little bit after he ate, but then he calmed down when we laid him down on the blanket, he seemed to like looking at the trees and the clouds.  It was pretty cute.  It started to sprinkle a little bit so we packed up and went home.  I unfortunately had some home repairs to take care of during the evening (more on that in another post), but all in all it was a lovely day!

Noah is a good sleeper
The family picture
It has been a hard day for Dad and Noah!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I took a video of Noah being cute, and I wanted to share it here.  I didn't embed it so that the page would load a bit easier for everyone, but click on this link to see him (takes you to YouTube).

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there (especially our mothers)!  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The kid just keeps on growing!

I keep saying this, but I really can't believe how much he has grown in such a short time.  Today we got to take a piece of padding out from his car seat because he no longer needs the boost!  Crazy! 

This past week has been quite exciting with many activities and stories. 

He smiles real well these days!
He went to baby yoga with his Mom, they sang songs and played with his hands and feet! 

He was not happy for long at baby yoga though...

He is learning to sit up a bit too
We visited the doctor for his two month check up, and he got four shots!  He was a trooper and slept most of the day!

Weighing in at 9 pounds 15 ounces

He was smiling just seconds before this.  His lower lip tells you his mood

Mom was showing him his toes!
We took a walk today, and it turned into a great nature walk.  A family of owls made a nest in a tree right by the Walgreens by our house.  It has been a big local attraction with people taking all sorts of pictures of the nest and the owls.  The owls have even gotten a closed lane on the road because of all the traffic. 

Stopping at Starbucks on our walk

The owl family that moved in by the Walgreens

The DOW roped off the area to keep them safe

Another family picture

Deer just down the road from us

Another comparison picture, he is getting bigger!
That pretty much covers it, Julie's first Mother's Day is coming up!