Sunday, May 31, 2015

A post for May

Whoops, time really just gets away from us.  We have just been chasing Noah around and haven't stopped to write a post.  He has been sick more than we like this month.  He had an ear infection about three weeks ago and then this last week he and I have been fighting a mean cold.  Lots of snot in our house, I'm sure you wanted to know that!  We have had a lot of fun this month even though we had to spend lots of time inside because of all the rain.  We got outside when we could, even if every picnic we went on ended up in the back of Jeep while it rained or hailed on us.  We spent a lot of time inside singing songs, building with legos, playing with stuffed animals, practicing handstands,
lots of time playing with cars, and even got some painting in a few times.  We did get one trip into the zoo, which was chilly, but nice to get out of the house!

Other than Noah, we have been trying to get our basement ready for carpet!  Everything is painted so carpet is the last big thing and we will be able to start moving some furniture down there!  We got it measured last week and now we just need to go pick it out!  Once we pick it out they said they usually can get it installed with about two weeks.

Well that has been what is keeping us busy, hopefully we will have some fun posts over the summertime!

Watching the fish in the bear exhibit!

Handstands are fun for everyone
His new favorite car to ride in
Noah watching it hail during our picnic
He's ready to help get the basement finished!
Second picnic, Noah still wanted to stay in the back of the Jeep!