Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TWD: Baking with Julia - Madeleines

I'm kind of surprised I actually got this one baked!  We woke up this morning and my husband wonderfully took care of the baby for his morning feeding before he went to work.  So, I had an hour to bake!   I decided to only make half the recipe.  It was a little tedious to get mixed together, there is the whipping of eggs and sugar for a few minutes, then the folding in of the sifted flour and then folding in the butter. I also do not have a Madeleine pan, so I improvised with a muffin pan.  I think they turned out alright, they are fluffy light cakes, but they don't taste like much.  The powdered sugar made them sweet, but maybe adding a different flavor like lemon would have been good or maybe even covering them with chocolate would have been delicious.  You can check out the recipe at Counter Dog and you can also check out how everyone's turned out at Tuesdays with Dorie.

Sifting flour
Folding in the flour
The fluffy batter

The finished product


  1. What a wonderful husband you have! This was a fairly easy recipe - to bad it really isn't much to write about. I added citrus zest and juice which gave them a nice flavor and more moist than others described, but the texture was not what I would have liked.

  2. I would definitely add some flavouring, next time. They were good plain, but they'd be better with flavour in the batter or in a glaze.