Sunday, April 28, 2013

8 weeks old!!!

This is crazy, the kid just keeps growing and growing and looks like he'll be crawling and getting teeth before we know it.  He has been a bit fussy this week, but we still love him!  He also has started smiling a lot too! 

We started out the week with a nice walk, even though it was a bit chilly out, because it was one of the last nice days to come for the first part of the week.  It snowed a little bit and got real cold, so we stayed in for a few days. 

This weekend was eventful and full of social interaction for the kid.  Grandma and Grandpa came over to play with the kid, so Julie and I planted our garden, cleaned the house and enjoyed sitting outside with the family.  That night Jim called to invite us to Old Chicago where we met Amanda and the kids.  Noah got to eat his bottle at the same time everyone else was eating, he felt so grown up! On Sunday we had breakfast with Julie's friends, Jenny and Emily, and Emily's three kids.  Emily's kid Liam is only 9 months old, but he looks so much bigger than Noah.  We can't believe that Noah will be that big soon.  Finally, Sunday night our neighbors John and Christine came over with some wine and cheese and hung out with the kid.  Unfortunately, Noah was really fussy, so they cut their stay short, but we'll hang again soon. 

On Wednesday, Noah has his 2 month checkup, which involves him getting a lot of vaccinations, so he will be quite grumpy unfortunately.  We'll try to update again soon, here are the pictures from the week!

Noah and Julie during our walk

Me and Noah with Pikes Peak in the background
Noah getting ready to brave the cold in the same outfit he wore home from the hospital, it's a bit smaller now!
Trying to capture Noah smiling
8 week growth picture

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