Friday, March 22, 2013

3 weeks old!!!

I can't believe that it has been three weeks already!  The little guy is growing a little bit and is changing by the day.  His face has gotten a little chubbier and he has learned to be a bit more fussy from time to time!! 

At periods this week was a bit rough, he had some screaming fits during the night and really just wants to be held during the day.  Mom and I love the snuggles, but it can be hard to get some sleep or something to eat with the kid on your arm all day.  I hear that this will probably last until he is 13 or 14!!!

Grandma and her new rocking chair

Great-grandpa taking a turn in the new chair

We have to get sleep when we can!
This is his favorite sleeping position right now

We went to the fire station to get his little car seat checked.  Fortunately, it went pretty quick because we got installed mostly right by ourselves!  We forgot to get better pictures, so here is one of me asking for a sticker to put Noah's name on his seat.  

The fire station!

Great-Grandma Reed getting a good look via the iPad!

His three week teddy bear picture, getting big now

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