Friday, March 8, 2013

The First Week!

I can't believe that it has been a week already!  Noah is already getting a bit bigger and he is fitting into our family quite well. 

We took him to the store for the first time on Thursday, we went to Target to get some supplies then over to Costco to get some snacks for Mom and Dad.  He did wonderful through them all, and really just slept the entire time.  This might have thrown off his schedule a bit, as he was a bit fussy and ate a lot later in the day, but it is good to get him out of the house while Julie and I are both home from work. 

We have had a lot of family and friends stop by to welcome Noah home and to give us some much needed tips and much appreciated food supplies!  We mostly wanted to pass along pictures, so I'll get to those now, but keep watching for more of our new family!  

Go Steelers!

Grandma taking a turn

Grandpa holding the little guy

His first time in the bouncer seat

Dad feeding him

This is his favorite pose!

Right after his first bath at home!  We got water everywhere

Auntie Amanda came over to take his picture!

Mom snuggling the little guy in the sunshine

His 1-week teddy bear measurement picture!

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