Sunday, March 25, 2012


I mentioned a few months ago that we had some sections of fence blow down in the wind storms, and between vacations, snow storms, work and other wind storms we just got around to putting the fences back up. Bill again came over to have some 'fun' with the fence, and we got it done in just a few hours.

First up was demolishing the old fence, which I did off-camera (haha) and it left us with quite a bit of wood that we could reuse for the new fence. The hardest part by far was digging the holes for the support beams to stick into. The first hole we dug involved removing about 3 feet of rotten wood from the existing hole, which finally came out after a lot of sweat by Bill and I. The hole on the top of the hill also had wood in it, but this one did not come out easily at all. After a few minutes we decided to move the hole down a little bit, and that worked like a charm!

Julie and I had run to Lowe's to pick up the materials earlier in the day, so all that was left was to mix and pour some concrete for the posts.

We let the cement for the posts dry overnight, and discovered that the brackets we bought to connect the wood to the posts were the wrong size. We had bought 1 5/8" posts, and the brackets were for 1 7/8" posts, while that doesn't sound like a lot, it cost us about 2 hours at Lowe's while we searched for solutions, and eventually found a screw that would tighten the brackets enough. The next day we cut some 2x4s and hammered the fence together.

All in all it was a good thing to get done, and hopefully the new fence will hold through our crazy windstorms for years to come!

Thanks for all the help Bill!!

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