Sunday, March 11, 2012

Volunteering with Rick Steve's

Our week seemed to be full of excitement! Through my work, we got to volunteer at a lecture from Rick Steve's. It was put on by Rocky Mountain PBS and a local radio station. We volunteered to help usher all the guests to their seats. It was supposed to start around six, but the star was running late and it started around seven.

Once the show got started, he started with a slideshow of some places he was updating in his travel books for 2012 then talked about all kinds of fun stories he has had traveling Europe. After a short break, he came back and talked about packing light, where to sleep and to how to avoid as many of the other tourists as possible. He even let a few people in the audience ask questions. Then he finally wrapped up a little after ten. We hung around to get our picture with him at the end and we were surprised with our own copies of his latest 2012 book about all of Europe that they had held for all the volunteers. He signed them for us and we headed home. It was a late night, but really worth it!

Here is a picture of him speaking and then a picture of us with him!

Note the custom name tags!

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