Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today was awesome!

Hi, I just thought I would share our day with you! We started out waking up very late for us, we couldn't believe when we woke up at 9 am that we had slept that long. Our original plan was to go for a hike and then spend the rest of the day at home... well not too long after we woke up we thought about hitting up REI.

Mikey wanted to go look at bikes, and I said sure, we can go look, we don't have to buy any bikes today. Well, after about ten minutes looking at bikes, we were testing riding them in the parking lot! I think we were both very happy with the bikes we had chosen to test and we both decided we would get them! I am not sure if you guys are member's, but if you are you probably have received your dividends and have spent money already too! It worked out pretty well, we got 20% off for being members (they have coupons 4 times a year) and we both used our dividend balances! My bike is pretty girlie, I think I might have to get a basket to put on the front of it! And we might have to move close to a beach!

Here are the pictures of our bikes from the REI website!

After we paid an arm to REI we loaded the bikes up in the Jeep and headed to the Santa Fe Trail, it runs through town. We rode about 4 miles when Mikey thought his tire might have been getting a little flat so we turned around and headed back to the car. It was a great little first ride and the weather was fantastic! Sorry we didn't take a camera with us, so there are no fun pictures of our first bike ride :(

After our little ride, we headed home and unloaded the bikes and then headed off to the movies! Did you already go see The Hunger Games?? Well, after I read all the books, I talked Mikey into reading them too and we were ready to go see the movie! I thought it was really good, they did a great job covering the important details from the book. Even though it's a bit of a rough subject, the government forcing kids to be selected to enter a game of killing where only one survives, I would recommend picking up the books or heading to the movies!

So to finish off the day we were going to pick up some stuff at the grocery store for dinner, but we drove by Wich Wich on the way home and noticed that it had it's OPEN sign on. They just opened this week! It is a great sandwich place that we had tried in Denver before and we were excited when we saw it was coming in our local shopping center so we decided that it would make a great dinner instead. Hope everyone is doing well and that you are also getting to enjoy some wonderful weather!

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