Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia - Irish Soda Bread

Hi! This week the recipe from Baking with Julia was for Irish Soda Bread, and it was an easy one! It only had five ingredients since we decided to added dried cherries! You can check out the recipe at My Culinary Mission and Chocolate Moosey.

It was really easy to mix up the ingredients and stick it right in the oven. It was even easier since my Mom came and helped cut up the dried cherries! Here are just a few pictures of us getting everything together and yes that is buttermilk in my hand. My Mom helped as much as she could, look how happy she was so to get me a pie dish to cook the bread on!

Below is the bread before and after is was cooked! The recipe said to let the bread cool before eating, but it didn't last that long! I think the cherries made the bread delicious.

Making the Irish Soda Bread was pretty much the only thing we did this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I am not even sure I wore green on Saturday. And I didn't even wear my green barrettes that I have kept just to wear on St. Patty's Day. Oh well... I am sure we will write another blog soon about what we did with our weekend!


  1. Cherries sound like a great addition.

  2. Cherries are a great addition.
    And this low key bread was suitable for a laid-back weekend :-)