Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bike Rides

We mentioned last weekend that we bought some bicycles at the REI, and we had taken them out twice. This weekend had glorious weather, so we couldn't let it pass without taking our bikes out once again for a ride. We are going to have to get better at the picture taking thing, because we took our camera but forgot to take any pictures.

Anyway, there is a cool brewery just down the road from us named Trinity which brews artsy beers, has some tasty food (lots of bacon) and tons of hippies.  They have bike racks outside, which meant it was a perfect riding destination, and a good excuse to stop a rest a while in case the ride was intense.

We brought some sandwiches, chips and granola bars on the ride with us, and we sat at a nice picnic table in a park on the way.  There were kids riding their bikes, and a few kids climbing trees even! 

Fortunately the ride on the way to the brewery was all downhill, even the park, so we didn't have to put out much effort on the way there.  Once we got there, the bike racks were almost full, but we found a spot and grabbed a table.  I had a beer (it had hints of sarsaparilla), Julie had a watermelon soda and we shared a slice of terrific chocolate orange cheesecake. 

The initial plan was for Julie to drive back home (we left the Jeep down there earlier in the day) and for me to ride uphill back home.  It was such a nice day we both decided to ride back home, which was a great decision.  We had a great time, stopped a few times for water and to catch our breath, and made it home without trouble!  Unfortunately we didn't put on enough sunscreen for the longer ride, so we both have a few red spots on our legs and arms which need some aloe.  Other than that, we had a great time today!

We took some pictures of our ride last weekend just around our neighborhood.

Check out her new bike!

The mining scar behind Julie

Riding in style!

Flying downhill!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Riding is my passion (besides cooking/baking)!