Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Dog Blog!

So, I would think if you are reading this, you are probably familiar with the fact that Mikey is allergic to every animal know to man. Well, except maybe a fish, but a dog in our house is probably never going to happen. Which is why when some friends and I went for a walk with all of their dogs I couldn't resist the opportunity to play and take pictures of them!!

We headed to the Santa Fe Trail for a four mile loop trip from Woodmen Rd to Ice Lake. Everyone but Aaron and I have dogs, but we all had a great time! Here are the dog blog pictures!

First we have Aaron and Kirsten with Kahlua and Lucy. Then there is the Tameaka with Zen with Aaron and Kirsten. Then the back of Keli with Powder and Zen in the lake. Then the only picture of me, with Kirsten and Lucy. Then Tameaka and Aaron's engagement picture... well not really, Tameaka is marrying Roger in July!!! Then there is Keli and Kirsten with Powder and Lucy. And lastly is the whole group getting some water! Hope you could tell which were dogs and which were people!!

While walking, we came across two snakes and the following deer leg bone... a gross nature walk somehow got thrown in to our beautiful weather dog walk. But it was a great walk, and hopefully we all can get together again for another dog blog! Don't let this last picture haunt you! hehe.

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