Saturday, April 9, 2011

Remember that time...

I found a dog in my backyard!! Well, yesterday when I got home I heard a dog whimpering outside, at first I just thought my neighbor had a dog in her backyard and it was in a cage or something. After about ten minutes of nonstop whimpering I went outside to take a look. And there was a little bitty dog stuck in my backyard. She had a leash and a collar on, and some how the leash got stuck underneath the corner of our shed... poor little dog, I have no idea how long she was stuck there. She seemed really scared.

I got her unstuck and then took a picture with my phone to show Mikey what I had found... he thought I went out and bought a dog! He was going to be mad at me since he is allergic to them! After that I got it some water and then went and asked all sorts of neighbors if they recognized her or if they knew who she belonged to, and no one knew her at all, it was sad. After asking what felt like the whole neighborhood, I went back to my house and sat on the front porch with her just in case someone came by looking for her and while sitting there I called the humane society to report that I had found her. She ran around like crazy, it was really no wonder she got out of her owners yard.

Well after about an hour Mikey got home and we were talking to our neighbor across the street and he let us borrow a doggy cage for the little pup, and he gave us some food for her too. We let her eat and then put her in the cage and we were going to take her with us to Jim and Amanda's house since we were going over there for dinner. And then, just as I was pulling out of the driveway I saw some kids walking by, so I asked them if they were looking for a dog and they said yes! Yay, parents! I took the little pup out of the cage and the kids were happy to have their dog back. All the neighbors agreed that it was a Mini Pincher, so Mikey and I called her Pinchy, we didn't want to get too attached! It was an exciting two hours!

Oh, and be ready for a lot of posts... I have been slacking...

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