Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feast o' the Irish

In case you didn't know, today was St. Patrick's Day! Fortunately, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, so we of course had to celebrate with traditional Irish fare. Wandering through Costco the other day we saw a package of corned beef which only required us to put it in the crock pot for about 10 hours and walk away, our kind of meal! We picked up a small one (by Costco standards) and started to plan the feast. We bought some cabbage, carrots and whipped up some leftover potatoes, and let it cook.

We are still in training for the marathon and half marathon, which seems like it is only days away at this point. But with that in mind, we both went for about a 4 mile run when we got home, while the beef was cooking. It was windy and kind of chilly when the sun went behind the clouds. I guess it is technically still winter. Julie took a wrong turn and found herself in a poorly lit creek-bed lined with slippery rocks and mountain lions (probably), only barely managing to make it out in one piece! I got home late, so I tried to catch up to her, and heroically save her from the beasts stalking her in Ute Valley, but she was too fast and I only saw her at home, after she had fended off all manner of beast with her bare hands.

O.K., back to dinner.

We heated up the potatoes, steamed the carrots and cabbage, cut the corned beef, and ate our feast.

That wasn't quite enough for our holiday appetites, so we had to find something else Irish-like to wash it down. Fortunately I read about something called a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's, and apparently everyone loves it! It is a mint flavored milkshake, colored green, covered in whipped cream and topped with a cherry. It is only available during the St. Patrick's Day holiday season (no, really, that is true). In fact, I think only the pictures do it justice:

I'm 90% sure that this shade of green does not appear in nature. Oddly, it is also the color of mint chocolate chip ice cream, mmmmm.

Alright, so that is how we celebrate St. Patrick's Day these days, since we go to bed at 9:30 now. We hope that you wore green to avoid being pinched and had an very exciting day too!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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