Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is springing!

I got home today before it was dark outside and I noticed a few spring springings! I am super excited for what is growing in my front yard! Last fall, I bought huge bag of tulip bulbs at Costco and planted them in front of the house! AND they are starting to come up!!! I was a bit nervous about them not growing, I have heard it can take a year or more for the bulbs to actually sprout anything.

Also last year Mikey and I went to a local community garden's plant sale, and we bought some ground cover. One of them has started to come up, but the other one looked a little dead.

And, not that I am embarrassed by the picture Mikey put up of the deer on his run the other day, but they were just hanging out down the road a little bit, so I wanted to give the Colorado Rat a better chance to shine!

And I might have been wearing a real funny pair of shoes that I got while I was taking these pictures... hope you will still be my friend if you see me wearing them in public!!!


  1. Hello!

    Look at your tulips popping out of rocks! That's impressive!

    I also have a question about your 'shoes'... do you wear them to run all the time? Just a quick jog? Will you wear them for your half? Just wondering :)

    Miss you, friends!

  2. So for the shoes... I have worn them around the house and for a few walks and on errands, but no I don't really run in them all the time. I have been having some pain in my big toe, so I am a little scared to have no support. Also, they might be one size too small, since I got them at the REI Garage Sale and they were only 24 bucks! I figured they were worth a try!

    And I miss you too!!

  3. And thanks for being a follower of our blog!!

  4. Good to know on the shoes, I know a couple people who have them, but don't know how they use them. I'm not a runner, so I'm never gonna find out on my own ; )

    you need to write more! : D Can't wait to hear about your big trip! I'm sure you'll take LOTS of pictures