Saturday, April 30, 2011


So seeing how London was all over the news yesterday I feel like I should get started on our blog about London. And what did you think about Kate's dress? Gorgeous, elegant or just so so?? I like it! I liked her sister's dress better though...

Anyways, we got to London on Tuesday around lunch time and hopped the Heathrow Connect to head to Paddington Station, which was a five minute walk from our hotel! We got checked in and showered and headed to Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Restaurant in Harrod's. Thanks to Jan's suggestion on where to go, we had a delightful time and ate more sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and jelly than I can count! It was wonderful. After that we wandered around Harrod's and then headed back to our hotel to call it a night, we were exhausted.

The following morning, we were up and ready to explore the whole city. After we talked to the owner of the hotel, we got the day pass for the Tube and went just about everywhere! We started off by going to see the British Museum. We saw the Rosetta Stone and a lot of the Egyptian and Greek sections, but then we were evacuated because the fire alarm started to go off. According to the news over 8000 people were evacuated! We walked outside to two fire trucks pulling up and decided we might as well go see something else and maybe we would make it back. We never went back.

But we headed down to the London Eye for our reservation that we had made for the afternoon, since we were a bit early, we walked over to Big Ben and Parliament and even stopped to get some Nutella covered strawberries! After we waited around and had lunch we took our ride on the Eye. It was pretty cool to see all the city from the top and it is definitely worth it! After that we wandered down to the Tower of London and thought about going in, but decided not to since it was so late in the day and it was kind of pricey. So we made our way over to Buckingham Palace to look around there. It was pretty much closing down for the day, so we decided to head up the Piccadilly Circus and see what was going on up there. We got some fish and chips at a pub nearby! They were good, but nothing to make a special trip to London for, maybe we will have to make a special trip to Ireland to compare! Then we headed back home.

Then on day two we decided we would make it a priority to go see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and apparently so did every other tourist in town! It was packed! We could see some stuff, but could not really hear anything except the band. We ended up moving around a bit, along the front of Buckingham Palace and could see a little bit more of the Foot Guards, but were still pretty far away. After that we wandered our way over to Trafalgar Square and took some pictures of the Lions. There were lots of restaurants and little places to eat, so we got some sandwiches and ate in the square with the pigeons and tourists.

Then we headed down the road towards Westminster Abbey. Along the way we saw the Horse Stables and Downing Street and then spent some time looking around the outside of the Abbey. We thought about going back to the British Museum, but instead decided to see if we could get tickets to see a show in Piccadilly Circus that night. We looked for tickets for Les Mis, Mama Mia and a few others, but all the tickets were sold out, except the really expensive ones, so we passed. We went back to our hotel and got packed for a train ride to Paris, since we had to leave the hotel around 5AM to get to the station in time. So we got packed, the hotel owner told us of some good restaurants just up the road, on London Street, including an Italian place, so we walked over there and had a lovely time. We even saw the hotel owner eating there with her family! Because we had to get up so early, we took the bus around town to try to find a grocery store to get something for breakfast the in morning.

And that about wraps up our time in London, we did a lot of walking and a lot of sight seeing in two days. It went really fast! Stay tuned for PARIS!!!

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  1. How fun! :) Looks like a great far!