Monday, April 11, 2011

Who you gonna call??

Ghost-busters!! I mean orb-busters! Last weekend my Aunt Carol and Cousin Katie were in town and I think my mom had been waiting for someone to come to town so that she could have the excuse to go to the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs. The Miramont Castle is supposedly the most haunted castle in the United States... but you can't call it haunted. The crazy lady at the front desk tried to show us all sorts of pictures of orbs that were around the castle. We wandered our way through the castle and looked around for about an hour, but alas no orbs were seen.

The Miramont is also a Firefighters museum, which featured the opportunity to wear some firefighter gear and take pictures. So we did!

The castle used to be owned by a bunch of rich folk who helped start Manitou and such, which is why they have a lot of fancy stuff around. Like these place settings, I wonder if anyone has to polish these regularly?

The rich people apparently also needed some security:

And a sewing machine? I would be more sure of the history of these items, however one of the first signs in the castle declared that some information on their signs was wrong, but didn't tell you what information or which signs were wrong.

Oh, and they had a fancy pants bath tub where the water came up from the bottom, as opposed to a faucet. It looked odd...

Debbie was really excited about the spirits and the orbs and other fanciful creatures, so she took the advice of the crazy lady and had us take each picture twice. The lady said that would give the spirits a chance to come be in the picture. Really. Manitou is awesome.

Who is really excited about the spirits? Debbie is!

All in all, no spirits or orbs or anything else out of the ordinary for us at the castle. The spirits must have had a party to go to or something and couldn't show up. So we got our picture outside, and moved on.

After wandering around the castle we went to Old Colorado City and visited the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and we shared some caramel apples! They were delicious! After that we got dragged around to a quilt shop and a knitting shop... it was very exciting, but we were a little tired after our long runs earlier Saturday morning.

We had a great time looking for orbs and spending time with the family!

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