Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fogo De Chao

Last weekend we went to dinner at a Brazilian BBQ restaurant with Cary and Adrienne who live up in Denver. We had tried to go about a month ago, but got detoured by the snow, so even though it was snowing this time too we were committed to going! And we had a great time!

We got to our table and they told us the system for dinner. The guy said that we should go to the salad bar first (which looked amazing), and when we were ready to get some meat we had a little coaster by our drinks that had a red and a green side. The green meant for them to start bringing the meat and red meant for them to stop. They warned us that if we didn't turn it to red they would not stop coming and they weren't kidding.

The salad bar was delicious, they had everything! Then once we were getting through our salads they brought us mashed potatoes, rolls, polenta and caramelized bananas, all very tasty. Cary was the adventurous one at the table, so he turned his little card to green first, and boy did the meat start showing up! There were five men with meat on sticks before we knew it.

They would ask how you liked your meat cooked and then shave you off a piece. Every time they would ask me, I would say well done if possible, and they would say "I'll be right back for you" almost every time, and then to Mikey's surprise they didn't even roll their eyes! They would take the meat back to the grill and then come right back to our table to shave me off some sizzling well done meat. This happened at such a quick pace that we lost track of the time, all four of us were full and delighted with the meal, and we had only been there for 30 minutes, counting the salad bar! The food was amazing, the salad bar by itself would be a good place for a meal, and the meat was out of this world.

Sorry this picture is blurry, but it was dark and the meat men were moving fast! (Mikey said that I should tell everyone that this was a clear picture, but the men were just moving that fast!)

Here is a picture of Mikey's meat, there was filet mignon, round steak, sirloin, lamb chops, the house special. We missed the ribs, they must have been going fast at another table.

We had a great night, and by the time we were done with dinner at 5:30 it wasn't snowing out anymore! So we went to Yogurtland! It was delicious! I got chocolate cake flavor with walnuts and gummy bears and then I got peanut butter flavor with cheesecake bites and Reese's, it was outstanding! Too bad they don't have one in the Springs.

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