Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall is gone…

We have snow on the ground, and it has been there all day long!  It melted in the driveway and the roads, but it is still on the grass and the mountains!  We just got back from Texas this weekend, and were kindly reminded that we haven't written any blogs for awhile, so here is the first one!  Not much had really been going on in our lives, but we do have a few pictures we can share.

First we learned this year that we needed to buy a leaf blower, so when we noticed the leaves were starting to fall we promptly went out and bought one!  It was so much nicer to use instead of raking all the leaves!  It also has a vacuum and mulches the leaves into a bag, talk about handy!

Mikey using the leafhog

Then the next excitement we had was carving some pumpkins for Halloween.  Did I mention that there wasn't much going on around here?  We both carved a pumpkin...  here are few pictures.  Our next blog should be about Thanksgiving and hopefully something more exciting than pumpkins and leaf blowers!!!

Julie carving her pumpkin

Mikey carving his pumpkin

The Finished product

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