Sunday, October 10, 2010

It’s starting to feel like fall

So we are making chili for dinner!!  And probably because it's October!  It seems like we have been keeping with the September always busy theme, but hopefully today is close to end of nonstop things being planned!  So far, I have signed up to play on a volleyball team for 8 weeks with a friend from work, we ran the Pumpkin Run at the Venetucci Pumpkin Farm, went to an Air Force Football game with Dad and Jim and the kids, and then this morning we ran the Fans on the Field 10K in Denver.

So, for my volleyball, I am going to be playing one game a week for eight weeks.  They have a co-ed team of four and we signed up for the B league, we'll see how it goes, but hopefully it should be fun!  I signed up with two friends from work and then the volleyball place gave us the name of another guy who wanted to play too.  We have practiced twice so far, and our first game is the 13th!!  Should be awesome!!!

Then for the Pumpkin Run, I ran the 5K and Mikey ran the 10K.  The race went all around the Venetucci Farm and we got to run by Wilbur the hugest pig we have ever seen (it was about 1000 pounds!!!).  It was a pretty fun run, and this was the second year we decided to run it.  One extra reason we ran it, was because it completed my Grand Prix races that I did all summer.  It was a series of five races, and hopefully there will be a cool prize for completing the whole thing, the award ceremony is in December (we think) so we'll find out then!  Mikey also ran a PR (personal record) for the 10k, he ran it in 52:54!  Good job honey!!!

Yesterday we went to the Air Force Football game vs. CSU.  My work was sponsoring a tailgate and we had group rate tickets, so we got the whole gang together and headed to the game!  We met up at the tailgate for some hamburgers and hot dogs and then headed to the game.  CSU is not very good this year, so 3 plays into the game Air Force was up 7-0, and it got out of hand after that.  We left the game in the 3rd quarter when it was 49-20 (or so) then met up with some of Mikey's work friends for lunch!  Quite a cool day if you ask me.

Some quick pictures of the game, first Jim with the kids.

Jim and the kids

Then Mikey and Bill too...

Mikey and Dad

Today is the final day that we have something planned until Thanksgiving, and it is the Fans on the Field race in Denver.  The race started outside Mile High (the Broncos' stadium) stadium, then we ran over to Coors Field (where the Rockies play) we ran through the Pepsi Center (Avalanche and Nuggets) and then back to Mile High to run on the field and have a BBQ.  The weather was pretty cool, and it even started to sprinkle a bit when we finished, so we didn't linger too long.


Julie and the Rockies mascot, Dinger!


Julie and I in the Pepsi Center

Pepsi Center

Julie checking out Mile High.

Mile High

Mikey in Mile High too!

Mikey in Mile High

The finish, good job honey pie!


Don't trample us!!!  Oh no!!!

Us with the Broncos

It was another great weekend, and we are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend coming up!

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