Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Last September Story

So this is the last update about September, and its a fun one, for us at least!  On the 27th Julie and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we decided to go to Crested Butte to enjoy the fall foliage.  We have spent a lot of time in Vail and Breckenridge since we got married, and neither of us had been to Crested Butte before, and that is as good as an excuse as we need, and we were off to Crested Butte!

We drove up on Saturday afternoon, and despite the objections of Julies GPS unit, we took Cottonwood Pass out of Buena Vista to get there.  This route took us past Taylor Park Reservoir and down the Taylor river which was amazingly beautiful with the leaves changing colors.  We drove through the canyon in the afternoon, and the sun shone through the leaves making them seem to glow yellow and red.

We stayed for two nights in Crested Butte, and while we were there we walked around the town twice which meant that we saw just about everything there, and I took the opportunity to use my new GPS watch and went for a long run (about 9 miles) up to a lake.  The run was lovely, and Julie used the time to hike up the same trail to take some rather lovely pictures of the trees and leaves and such.

This first picture is of Green Lake, which was the turn around point of my run, and really was very green.  I had some pretty good views at this point, I was at about 11,000 feet!  Oh, and it was kind of chilly too!

Green Lake

Julie took this picture of the trail while I was running up.

Green Lake Trail

We decided that we liked the drive so much, that we drove home the same way, going back over Cottonwood Pass.  The weather was a bit chillier the second time over, so we had our jackets on.  Fall is definitely here!  On the way home, we stopped to take a lot of pictures, and delay out return home!  First we stopped at the reservoir and enjoyed the views there.

Mountain View

Aspen leaves

Julie by Taylor Reservoir

Then we stopped at the top of the pass for pictures:

Mikey on the top of Cottonwood Pass

Finally had lunch in Buena Vista and made our way back home!  We had a great time out of town and are very excited about the adventures we have planned for our third year of marriage.  No kids, hopefully a trip to Europe, backpacking in the Colorado Summer, and who knows how many other exciting things!

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