Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Flew By…

So, it's October and we haven't written a blog for a long while.  Sorry.  I think I will just skip over everything that has happened and start by telling you about tomorrow!  No, I guess that's not a good idea, because I have a few good stories to tell.  So here is what has been going on...

We went to a pre-season Broncos game against the Steelers at the end of August.  We had a really great time even from our seats that were at the top of the stadium.

Us at the Broncos Game

The rain coming in

Then the next weekend we went to an Air Force Falcon Football game with my parents, all thanks to Mikey's mom winning the tickets on the radio!  We didn't take any pictures at the game, but we enjoyed the game!

Then over Labor Day weekend, Mikey and I decided to give backpacking a try!  We were thinking of going to the Rocky Mountian National Park to have this adventure, but because we are cheap and we ended up only going for one night, we headed to good old Green's Creek!  It was Mikey's first time up Green's, which I couldn't believe that we had never taken him up there before.  So as we got into Salida, we both were hungry and decided to stop by McDonalds for a hamburger, we were a little worried about hiking with McDonalds' belly, but we were just fine!  And we got to reminesce about the last time we had McDonalds...  it was in Switzerland more than a year ago!  We hiked up the trail and set up camp, which contsisted of our tent and our new hammocks!  We might have gone backpacking just so we could use our hammocks, but I really doubt that was the only reason!  Anyways, again, we had a great little adventure.  We didn't see any animals or many people and after we slept through a windy rain storm we headed back home.  Mikey thought we were going to wake up to a foot of snow around our tent, but it was only really chilly out, so we ate some Poptarts and packed up our stuff and headed home!

Julie backpacking at Green’s

Mikey backpacking Green’s

Julie in the tent

Aspens on the trail

Proof we went to Green’s

So... is this getting long...  I think so, and I still have to write about Grandma's visit, our train ride through the Royal Gorge, Mikey's 29th birthday, and our 2nd anniversary!  Stayed tuned for September part two!

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