Thursday, October 7, 2010

September Part Two

So, after our backpacking adventure my Grandma was in town!  We spent many a evenings together for family dinners and we had a great time seeing her in Colorado!  She even got to be here for Mikey's 29th Birthday Dinner!  We had lasagna!

Mikey and his birthday cake!

Mikey also got lemon cake with lemon frosting!!  Mom put mint leaves on it too!!

Mikey and his new GPS Watch

He decided that he would keep running, so he got a fancy pants watch.  He looks really excited about it!!!  And then here is a picture of Grandma playing with her Great Grandkids!

Grandma and the great grandkids

We also got to go on the train through the Royal Gorge and the whole family enjoyed the time we spent together!  Here are some pictures from the train ride!

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Train

Here are Dad and Grandma with Reagan on the train!  Reagan was pretty exciting about her first train ride!

Dad and Grandma and Reagan

Mom, Amanda and Reagan enjoying the view of the Royal Gorge.

Mom and Amanda and Reagan

Here Breckin and Julie are playing with some sunglasses!

Julie playing with Breckin

Here is the family picture after the train ride!  We got told not to lean against the fence!

The Family after the train ride

So there actually is one more post coming about September!  And at this rate there will probably be a few large posts for October too!

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