Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Time

A few weekends ago, Julie really wanted to decorate gingerbread houses for Christmas!! So she whipped up a batch of fine gingerbread, cut out some templates she made herself, and baked away. Jim, Amanda, Reagan and Breckin came over one night, and we all had a house, and some gingerbread men to decorate. Well, the Steelers were playing that night, so my house didn't get quite as decorated as the rest of them!

We sat around the table and decorated our houses, Breckin decided that he wanted in on the action, so I let him have my seat. The Steelers were winning at the time, so that was nice.

This was the best picture we got of all of the houses, you can see Julie's main house in the middle, the shed just in front and my house behind it. Julie did a good job. As for my house, well, the Steelers won at least. It was a fun evening, and we even got to eat some Jimmy John's sandwiches. Christmas time got started off on a sweet note! (Get it? Sweet note...gingerbread houses...sweet...get it?)

The next weekend we went to my Mom's house to catch up on pictures and family time. We showed them pictures from Thanksgiving in Texas (especially Bodacious BBQ!) and they cooked us chicken fajitas. I think we got the good end of that deal.

David had a spiced wine, which is apparently a Hamburg (Germany) tradition! He heated up, and it was amazing. I highly recommend it if you run across it. Julie and I wanted to get a picture in our race shirts in front of their Christmas Tree, so here it is.

I wanted to save the big news for the end! The morning before we went to my Mom's house, we ran Colorado College's Stocking Shuffle 5k race in downtown Colorado Springs. The start of the race was about 9 miles (or so) away from our house, so I had the great idea of running there before the race, then running the race, and getting into the car as quickly as I could! The temperature was about 30, so it wasn't cold, but certainly wasn't warm either. Well, I had this great idea because Julie and I have signed up for races in May. Julie signed up for the 1/2 Marathon and I put in for the full marathon. The race is in Fort Collins in May, and fortunately the first half of the race is downhill! Wish us luck!!

We'll have more Christmas related excitement to come. Hope you enjoy the new blog location!

Merry Christmas!!!

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