Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Terrific Tyler Thanksgiving, Part 1 Food!

This year we got to go to Texas to see all of the family for Thanksgiving!  It was a great time and we were really happy that we were able to make it down for the festivities this year!  We decided to leave Friday afternoon after work and stay at the La Quinta hotel in Dumas, Texas Friday night, it was a great decision, it broke up the drive nicely and as a great bonus, we even ate Texas shaped waffles for breakfast!

 Texas Waffle

In the morning we had to scrape ice off of the windshield, but despite the chilly start, we continued our drive to Tyler without any problems.  On the way there we picked up our traditional Whataburger's (not water-burger) in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Once in Tyler we spent as much time as we could with both sides of Julie's parents families.  Her Aunt Carol took us with her to go pick up the traditional Greenberg Turkey.  Did you ask what a Greenberg Turkey is?  Well ponder no more, let me tell you!  Julie says "It is a delicious smoked turkey that is injected with more delicious peppery seasoning!  Oprah thinks it is one of her favorite things, and she should!"  You can order yourself one at  I heard tale that Jim is going to try and order one for Christmas, oh boy!  Anyhow, we went and stood in a very short line and picked up the turkey!  Aunt Carol said that there is typically quite a spectacle at the Greenberg factory when picking up the Thanksgiving turkey, which normally includes a guy giving out hot dogs, a blood donation place (which gives you a free turkey after donating blood!!!) and most importantly, a man with a rather large gun inside to protect the money.  Unfortunately there was only a Tyler policeman there, and no other festivities.  Maybe next year...  However the news crew was there, so there is a chance that I made it onto the late night Tyler newscast.

 In line


 We got our bird!

Staying with the theme of traditions (mostly food related, as all good traditions are) we ate what is billed as the best BBQ in Tyler, Bodacious BBQ, for lunch after church with Julie's mom's family and not to be outdone, we then had it for dinner a few nights later Julie's dad's side of the family!  Talk about awesome!

 BodaciousMikey in Bodacious


Oh, did I mention that they had jeans for curtains?  They did.  It is East Texas after all...

Last but not least, we also took part in the great tradition of eating Mrs. Rodriguez's tamales with Aunt Donna and Uncle Gary.  For those unfamiliar, this is the story that I have heard (details may be fuzzy!), Uncle Gary was a mailman and he had a route called Little Mexico, which is where we think he met Mrs. Rodriguez.  He has been buying tamales from her for years upon years and every time we go to Tyler we gather the family to have a big tamale dinner!   It was delicious!  This year all of the Colorado family ordered some tamales in addition to Uncle Gary's normal order, we sure did put Mrs. Rodrigues to work when Gary ordered 18 dozen tamales!

While that would normally cover the food part of Thanksgiving in most of the country, we didn't even mention the desserts yet, which is arguably the best part!  I should have made Julie take a picture of every single one there was!  In short, the line up included: Chocolate cake, caramel brownies, chocolate chip brownies, German chocolate cake, coconut cake, two chocolate pecan pies, two normal pecan pies, two pumpkin pies, Mississippi mud (if you were quick), 82 flavors of ice cream, chocolate chips cookies and a lemon cake!  I think I got them all! *phew*

I think my portion of this blog is done, and I am now hungry!  Wonder if there is any pie leftover...  Julie will post shortly about the rest of the activities in Tyler!

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