Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Typically Terrific Traditional Thanksgiving Tyler Turkey Trot

Well seeing how Mikey covered all the food from Thanksgiving and gave me a title for this blog post I feel like I need to write about the Tyler Turkey Trot, and the other things we got to do while in Tyler!

We got nine people to run on Thanksgiving morning!  Reagan and Katie did the kid runs, and Jim, Amanda, Mikey, Uncle Mike, Aunt Carol, Claire and I all did the 5K.  Jim beat everyone in the family with a time of about 20 minutes!  It was pretty humid out, and even though it rained just a little bit before the race, it was hot out.  I think everyone is really glad that we all got out there and went running!  Here is the whole gang after the run.

The Lamb’s

And Mikey wanted to add a picture that his watch made of the race.

The map

While in Tyler we also got to have the great grand kids get together and play at Grandma Reed's house.   So we let them have the rakes and make piles of leaves to jump in!  The pictures are of Seth, Clark, Breckin and Reagan.

Raking leaves

jumpjump 2Breckin playing

Then the last story we had was when we went to visit the Swift's on Lake Palestine outside of Tyler and Amanda caught her first FISH!!!  Steve ran to the fridge to get the good Stinkbait out when he heard he had a challenge of getting Amanda to catch her first fish.  And man was it stinky, but she caught that fish in no time!

Amanda and her Catfish!

Reagan after touching the catfish

Here is Reagan after she petted the fish!

All in all, we had a great time in Texas, and really enjoyed seeing all the family!  We ate great turkey dinners with our families and look forward to our next visit with them all!  Hopefully it will be sooner than next Thanksgiving.  We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family too!

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