Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's really happened!

Our baby boy has turned 2!  It still seems crazy to think he is that old even a month after his birthday!  He is loving life most of the time or he is throwing himself full speed onto the ground crying!  We are having a blast and are so blessed to have him in our lives.  I wouldn't trade the last two years for anything, and we are so excited for what learning and playing and loving we have ahead of us till he turns 3.  Whoa, I cannot even to imagine him being 3.

We had a big party planned with a trip to the park up the road and then pizza and cake, but his birthday fell during two weeks of nonstop snow here in Colorado so we changed the plan a bit.  We cleared out most of the big room in our basement and threw down a few rugs and all of his toys.  We were hoping the 30 people we invited would find room somewhere and we would all just hang out and play.  It actually turned out okay, well at least Mikey and I think so.  Everyone played really well and Noah didn't seem to concerned about everyone playing with his toys.  I think he was too distracted to really notice that he was sharing!

After lunch, everyone sang to Noah, he was very excited about the Happy Birthday song, but then when it actually happened, he seemed a bit scared.  He had asked for an Elmo cake, and the grocery store did a great job for us.

Lastly, he had a bunch of presents to open, but after he found a firetruck, he was set!  He really has loved playing with all of his new toys.  He comes home from running errands or daycare, and asks us to play with him and his presents!  We are really bad at ever saying no to the cutest kid!

We did have his 2 year check up the following day, and everything looked great.  The doctor was happy that he was still growing and running around like crazy.  He was 33 inches tall and 25.6 lbs.

Other fun stories about him, he can pick out a few letters in the alphabet and tell you what they are, he can count to fifteen (he skips thirteen a lot, but we just keep on going), he really doesn't like to change out of jammies and then he doesn't like to change into jammies, he takes baby dolphin everywhere with him, he asks for tisses (kisses) all the time, he scares Papa with his dinosaur roar and then cracks up laughing, he likes to line up his bath toys, he runs around Costco like a mad man and then yells STOP at the end of each aisle, he slyly asks for fruit snacks every time you ask him what he wants to eat, when he is done chewing on his hand because he is teething he says Eww, slobby hand, and he really likes to do the Hot Dog Dance at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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