Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It didn't take long for a good snowstorm to hit after Christmas.  We pushed through Noah's tears and got him in his snow pants and coat, but we skipped the snow boots to save some crying.  After drying his tears we headed out for some snow fun, he loved his sled and did not want to get out!  He complained when he got snow on his gloves and he wouldn't hold on very well so he slid around in the sled a few times.  After we got tired of pulling him around the neighborhood, we sent him down our driveway which had just enough slope that he was on his way.   I then made him sit in the snow with me, which he did not like at all in the beginning, but after a little while he was asking for more snow!

Too fast
This stuff is awesome!

The next day we went up to my parents house to see what kind of sledding we could do there.   We pulled him around the yard and then ended up sledding down the driveway with him!   He seemed to like it and kept asking for more.   He had a slight fever and cough that day so we just went a couple more times and called it good.

Family Fun!

The next snowstorm came a few days later and he was so excited to get all his snow gear on and go play that we even got his snow boots on!  He walked all over the park and a lot of the way home!  He is getting pretty heavy.  We are looking forward to our next day of playing in the snow!

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