Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Rewind

I can't let Christmas time end just yet without a blog post sharing Noah's excitement.  He was so excited to see Christmas lights everywhere and he would point out every Christmas tree he saw.  We had a great time celebrating with our families and Noah seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.  We seemed to get all of our traditions included in the festivities this year.  We watched our Christmas movies, ate lots of Wisconsin candy, got olives from Santa, made Christmas cookies, saw Santa, drove around town to look at lights, and had a wrapping paper fight!

We went to see Santa at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  They set up a ton of lights throughout the zoo, so we bundled up and went to see the animals and Santa.  Noah was very excited when we got in the room with Santa, but then when it was his turn to say hi, he was not letting go of Daddy at all.  We did get him to say HO, HO, HO for Santa and that was pretty cute.  Then Noah gave him a high five!

Christmas Eve we spent with Mikey's family and we really enjoyed having them come hang out with us at our house.  We jumped right into opening up presents.  Noah had tried to open two or three that were under the tree before Christmas, but every time he was told it wasn't time yet he put them back. He seemed a little unsure of opening presents, but it did not take him long to get it figured out!

Noah trying to figure out wrapping paper
On a roll now!
Super excited for his Thomas Train set!  All aboard!
On Christmas morning we spent time at home and got our stockings and opened up a few presents.  He really liked his Christmas stocking on Christmas morning!  

Then it was off to my parents house for Christmas dinner.  Having Noah and his cousins enjoying their Christmas together was very fun to watch and definitely makes Christmas for me more exciting now that I get to experience it with Noah!  We really had a great time with everyone!

Noah went straight for the candy that Santa brought him
He did not want to get out of his sled!
Really into unwrapping presents now
Unsure of his new Elmo doll
But after a minute he couldn't resist
The wrapping paper fight!

Fashion Show
Reagan and Noah playing horses
Noah and Breckin playing too!

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