Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jelly BEANS!

Noah was so excited about Easter this year!  Every time you asked him about Easter or the Easter Bunny, he would half say half scream "Jelly BEANS???"  It was so fun to celebrate Easter with both his Great Grandmas this year.  He was so excited with every egg he found and it was just a joy to watch him!  We tried to have a quiet morning, but the amount of M&M's that he ate during the first three minutes of him being up for the day didn't really set that up to work.  He had two Easter egg hunts and was just as excited for the second one as he was the first one!

He still asks to find Easter eggs, eat some jelly beans or M&M's, and will ask please very nicely when doing so!  He also loves to tell people about the airplane ride, what the airplane sounds like, and how it flies in the sky.  We were sad his Dad wasn't there, but we had a great time!


Sharing with Great Grandma

Hiding the eggs to find them again

Found some in the drawer!
Easter kisses from Great Grandma

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