Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The last of the really old update... San Fransisco!

So, we didn't wanted to skip out on the San Fran update, so here is finally is!!  Even though it was last year!  Man, we are not good at blogging sometimes :(  We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle outside of San Fran for a few days before we ended our summer vacation.

We first got to meet up with them and see one of my cousin Claire's basketball games and then they took us to In and Out!  It was a first time both Mikey and I got to taste the wild side.  It was alright, I am sure we would need a few more experiences to know all about our likes and dislikes of the place.  Then after dinner we headed to their house to come up with our San Fran game plan.  We knew we wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge, wander around the Fisherman's Wharf, maybe take a trolley ride and go see a Giants game.  We did all of that and more!

We drove into San Fran and hit up the Golden Gate Bridge, we even scored excellent parking amongst the millions of people.  It must have been the luck of the Mustang!   We looked around the gift shop and then decided to grab our jackets and walk a good ways on the bridge.  We walked a bit past halfway and decided it looked the same so we turned around after snapping a few pictures.

Then after the Golden Gate Bridge we met up with the relatives and had a great lunch at the The Cliff House.  With full stomach's we decided to go walk along the beach one last time, I think my cousin Katie missed playing in the ocean.  She got a little wet!  Here we are putting our shoes back on.  Then we drove through Chinatown and headed up to Coit Tower.  We then wandered our way around looking for some secret passageway that supposedly has parrots in the trees, but we couldn't find it and we were getting a little tired.  So, we just headed back to their house for the night!

Cleaning up after playing in the ocean

The next morning, we decided we would take the BART into San Fran instead of driving into town.  We decided we would go check how much tickets to the Giants game were and decided to watch the game!  It was kind of chilly, but we had a great time.

After the game, we walked to Fisherman's Wharf and got some tomato soup at Boudin's Sourdough shop.  It hit the spot after sitting around in the cold for a few hours.  Then we went a found the seal's, I don't think that there were as many as the last time I was in San Fran 20 years ago!  After that, we headed down the Wharf to the Ghiradelli factory and decided we deserved a snack, so we got a peanut butter sundae.  It was great, and there is no way I could have finished one, I am glad we split it.  So, with full bellies, we decided it was a great time to hit up a trolley ride to take us back to the BART.  We stood in line, and finally got our turn.  We did jump off a bit early so that we could walk around Chinatown some more and then headed down the hill to catch the BART.

It was a great stay in San Fran!  We will have to make it back again someday! 

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