Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia - Gingerbread Baby Cakes

The real title of this should be horrible failure!  That's how it ended, as a horrible failure.  If you want to see what it should really look like, check out the host Karen's wonderful pictures and the recipe at Karen's Kitchen Stories.

Mikey helped me mix up all the ingredients and got it in the oven.  We don't own mini cake pans, so I tried it in a bundt pan.  It looked wonderful going into the oven, but that was the end of it... I followed the directions of cooking it as one whole cake for 50-60 minutes.  It was not done after 60 minutes, and it was not done after 75 minutes, then I thought it was as done as it could get after 90 minutes and even had a clean toothpick test.  The edges looked really dry and I didn't want to burn it.  So, we called it quits and took it out of the oven.

The cake fell after about 70 minutes of baking, which wasn't anything super unusual in Colorado, but it fell a lot.  After it cooled, I tried to flip it out onto a plate, well not really tried, I flipped it out onto a plate, but it didn't really flip it more like flopped.  It was not done at all.  It could have cooked for another hour.  I either blame our oven or I blame the high altitude or I blame the sugar and molasses that was in that I knew I should not be getting ready to eat!  Anyways, before I digress much further, here are the pictures of the failure...  it looks good before you see the final result.

Hopefully the next recipe will turn out much better! Check back in two weeks :)


  1. I'm sure it was frustrating for you, but it made me smile. You should see how my buttermilk crumb muffins came out. :-D

  2. Oh no! I think I'd have served it immediately and billed it as a gingerbread pudding cake. It's frustrating to put the time and effort into a project and not have it turn out the way you'd expected. I hope the next one is great.

  3. Win some, lose some, and thanks for sharing! Please stop by my blog and register for the cookbook giveaway going on through Sunday! Blessings, Catherine www.praycookblog.com

  4. Oh no! So sorry this did not turn out for you. I like the idea of serving it as pudding cake! If it is any consolation this wasn't the greatest of cakes. Looking forward to our next recipe.