Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TWD: Baking with Julia - French Apple Tart

It's the first food post of 2013!  It was a great recipe to try and I decided to try and make them in mini pie pans.  It turned out pretty well and I can say we had no problem eating them up!  I cheated a little bit with store bought pie crust, but I'll just blame the laziness on being 8 3/4 months pregnant!

First, Mikey worked on the filling for the tarts and I worked on the crusts and then after the apples were done cooking, I used the food processor to puree the filling and it seemed to work very well and seemed a lot easier than smashing them with a spoon.  We only made half the recipe for the filling, after making mini pies for Christmas we learned that a full recipe was way to much filling, and it seemed that half worked perfectly.  Then after I filled the empty pie crusts and we both arranged apples on two pies and sprinkled them with some sugar and cinnamon and got them to cooking.  We both like cinnamon, not sure if that would be alright with still calling it a French Apple Tart!  If you want to check out this week's host and the recipe head over to Laws of Kitchen.

Mikey covered his half with vanilla ice cream, and somehow we finished a whole mini pie in about three seconds!!


  1. They are so cute in mini pie pans!! I love individual servings like this. I loved the apple filling combined with the apple slices on top. Really a great recipe that I can't wait to try again...and perhaps as mini pies next time!

  2. This was a great dessert! Love the look of your minis.