Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

So now that we are pretty much caught up on our old posts, we figure we should shift some attention to the impending baby in our lives!  The last update we gave on the baby's room was that we were picking colors to paint it and deciding on just about everything else too.  Fortunately a lot of that process has been completed!

We decided on a nice color for the room, and we got a little bit fancy with it.  We had Julie's Mom come over and paint a tree on the wall then had Julie's friend Tameka come over and paint Calvin and Hobbes on the wall.  It turned out awesome!

You'll notice in the pictures that we also have furniture in the room now, woo-hoo!!  We also decided on a crib, a dresser and a rocking chair to use in the kid's room.  You may notice that it all came from Ikea!! Our kid is going to be so hip.  Julie's Mom made the baby a super cute blanket for Christmas, one of his first Christmas presents!!  

Speaking of Christmas, we had two lovely Christmases with my family and Julie's family and we hope that you had a great Christmas as well.  We can't believe that it is 2013, and this is the year that our son will be born, crazy.  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and we can't want to show off our little kid in just 8 weeks.

Oh, and we got new pictures of the little fella, he is a little over 3 pounds at this point and growing like he should.  They said he was in the 50% percentile for size, so good job Julie!

He kinda looks like me

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