Sunday, July 4, 2010

First camping trip of the summer!

Last weekend we finally had nothing planned so we made our way out to Buena Vista for some camping.  Our plan was to get out there on Saturday and try to find a camping spot.  We ended up at Iron City campground by St. Elmo.  We had been wanting to drive the Jeep up to Hancock Lake but found out that a rain storm had washed out part of the road and it was CLOSED!  Closed to even walkers and bikers...  they said that the national forest finally decided to fix it and they thought they would reopen it in late July.  What a bummer!  So we then decided we would head up Tincup pass, which is in the same area in the Collegiate Peaks and we were told we could not really make it over the whole thing because there was still a 40 foot snow drift at the top of the pass.  Seeing as how we didn't really have many other options and we really wanted to test the Jeep's 4 wheel drive, we went up as far as we could and had a picnic past treeline.  We sat and watched about five jeeps and two trucks turn around at the snow drift close to the top of the pass and were glad we knew it had been blocked off.  We also hiked around for a little while on the Contiental Divide Trail and then the thunder made us head back to the car.  We had a very relaxing weekend and even made a trip to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.  They haven't started letting people in the river yet, but I told Mikey he had to come back some day when we could build our own little hot spring pool in the river!

This is where we had our picnic. Tincup Pass

Mikey was exciting about his first time 4 wheel driving in the Jeep! 

Mikey with the Jeep on Tincup Pass

Flowers by Tincup Pass.

Flowers at Tincup

The view of Mt. Princeton.     

Mt. Princeton

Hope everyone is having a Happy Fourth of July!!!  We are off to the Air Force Academy to see some Fireworks!

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