Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Birthday!

Well, it was my birthday and I turned the big 2-8 this last weekend, and man I feel so much older already!  Just kidding!  I don't feel much older at all, but I do know that the last five ten years have flown by.  For my birthday, my loving husband took me out for a lovely Italian dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, but since it is still the "Summer of Mikey" we did have to go the night before my birthday.  On the day of my birthday we went to Fox Run Park with Jim and Amanda and the kids to have a lovely picnic.  We spent a lot of time in the hot sun playing frisbee with Reagan, we also tried to play a little soccer, but Reagan really liked playing frisbee!   After that we just relaxed at home and ate some cake.

On Sunday morning, I got up at 4:45 am because I had volunteered to help out at the race Mikey was running.  It was a bit too early and I don't know how much more volunteering I will be doing, but it went fast and wasn't too bad.  The race was halfway up Pikes Peak and back, so I was there all  morning.  It went really fast because at the end of the race the runners got their shirts, which I helped hand out for about two hours!  And since I was volunteering I don't have any action pictures to share.  Mikey beat last years time by 32 minutes (2:59:22), which means he got his shirt this year, and Jim dropped his time by 42 minutes from last year!!

But the whole reason for writing this blog is to share my excitement of my birthday present!!  I got a new camera!!  It is a digital SLR camera, and I am very excited.  I haven't used my old (film) SLR camera since around 2004, so I am kind of captivated with my new camera!  It is a Canon Rebel T2i and it takes 18mg pixel pictures and it takes HD video!!  I hope you are ready to have your picture taken the next time I see you!!

Here are two pictures I took with it when it finally arrived in the mail!  The first one is a bug I found on one of our Lavender plants.  I called it a Denver Bronco Bug!  The second one is a flower in the garden...  there are a lot of pictures to come!

Little Bug

Flower in the garden

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