Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Visit with Family

My cousin Allen and my Aunt and Uncle were in town a few weekend's ago, so we went to see them in Buena Vista.  My cousin's wive's parents have a house out in Buena Vista that they so kindly let us stay at.  We went for a picnic and drove the atv's around the backyard.  It was a great time seeing them and we wish we could have stayed longer but seeing how it is the "Summer of Mikey" we had to get him back to Colorado Springs for a race.  But before the race, Mikey got to drive the ATV.  He is a bit of a sissy on things like this, but he had had fun!

Mikey driving the atv

Then here I am riding the ATV, I'm not such a sissy!

Julie on the atv

Then Ashely and Allen and kiddos posed for a picture by Cottonwood Lake

Allen, Ashley and kiddos

Then Uncle Bob and Julie posed by the lake

Uncle Bob and Julie

We had a great time with the family, and wish we could have stayed longer!

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