Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Wedding and The Teva Mountain Games

We had a very busy weekend, but it was a blast!  First two of our good friends got married on Friday!  And they had a gorgeous wedding and very fun wedding cake!  Congrats Adrienne and Cary!

 The ceremony

The cake! 

 The cake!

Jim, Amanda, Cary, Adrienne, Julie and Mikey

Jim, Amanda, Cary, Adrienne, Julie and Mikey

After the lovely ceremony and delicious dinner, Mikey and I headed to Vail to get ready for the Teva Mountain Games!  Mikey ran the half marathon that they offered that went up the west side of Vail Pass.  It was actually about 14 miles up and about 3000 feet of elevation gain.  He ran it in 2:50, he is getting so fast!  Good job husband!  After his race with Brian we headed back down to Vail and had some lunch before Kim and I ran the 5k Mud Run.  Here are some pictures of Mikey finishing his race!

Mikey’s Vail half marathon

He had a great view during his whole run!

Almost finished

Brian and Mikey resting after their race!

Brian and Mikey sitting after the run

Kim and Julie running in the Teva Mud Run, we only got somewhat muddy and our shoes were really heavy! 

Julie and Kim during the mud run

This guy got really muddy!

This guy got good and muddy!

Finally without the mud!  This was after we got sprayed off by the Vail Firefighters!  Yay for being clean!

Julie and Kim after getting clean

It was a fun weekend, but unfortunately we have gone back to work and gone back to our boring daily lives....  Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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