Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where the Wild Things Grow!

Our garden is growing!!  I have pictures to prove it!  We I planted the veggies about three weeks ago and they have just taken off, I am excited for all the fresh veggies!  We also went to a flower sale extravaganza this last weekend and bought all sorts of flowers and random plants to plant around the yard.  We stood in line with my parents for over an hour just waiting to pay and leave with all the other people.  It was exciting to say the least.  It is at a huge 7 acre green house!  They had the windows open thankfully!  Here are few pictures of our vegetable garden and flowers!


Flower garden

Mikey’s special plant!

Mikey’s special plant!

Besides the plants we decided we needed to make some strawberry jam since we had run out of the last of the jam that we made as party favors for our wedding!  Now we have about a dozen large cans ready to last us for the next seven years! 

 Strawberry Jam

What else??  Well, we have been going to Sky Sox games, and I caught a shirt last weekend!  That was exciting!  Then we went again with my family and my niece Reagan was super excited about the mascot Sox the Fox!  I don't think she was too interested in anything that had to do with the game, she just kept looking at Sox!  It was fun! 

Then last week was the Air Force graduation, and the Thunderbirds!  The Thunderbirds practiced a few times before graduation day, and we tried to catch a few pictures of them... but seeing how we have a slow focusing camera, they didn't really turn out.  I am still waiting for Zak to take Mikey camera shopping!!!  But here are the ones that you can kind of tell what is in them, the first one I tried to circle the Thunderbirds, since they hid behind the tree... the second one is mostly the smoke streaks they left.

Thunderbirds in the tree

Thunderbirds trick

Well that's about it, we have a big weekend planned with some of our friends getting married on Friday night and then we are off to Vail for Mikey's half marathon and my 5K mud run!!  Stay tuned for pictures of Kim and I in the mud!!  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

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  1. The day that I ran out of the Strawberry Jam that I stole off of all the tables at your wedding was the worst day of my life. That stuff is like crack.