Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summertime is here!

So today it is supposed to be 82 degrees outside... I am so excited!  I really wish we had a lake in the backyard with a rope swing we could jump off!  We do have a bbq we get to go to, so that is a great way to celebrate the summer finally getting here!  I really didn't think I could handle one more snow storm in May.  It will probably snow again in a week or two though.  Well, there isn't much to update about... Mikey is out running and I was just watering our garden.  It is really growing, we have snap peas and onions and zucchini growing!  The basil really doesn't seem to like it out there, and I just planted the carrots last week, so hopefully they will start sprouting up soon! 

 We did go to a plant/ground cover sale last week, and we got some stony crop and some lemon thyme for the front yard.  We have a lot of rock by the front step of the house and we are thinking we want to eventually dig it all up and plant either more grass there or some flowers and ground cover.  It is going to be a long process to dig up the rock, but hopefully we will like it better when we are done.  We will probably start that tomorrow, so if you want to bring a shovel over and help, please do!

 Not much else has been going on.  We are thinking about going up to Vail in a couple of weekends for the Teva Mountain Sport games, because there is a half marathon up Vail pass that Mikey wants to run.  We think we have Brian and Kim convinced to come with us, so we would have a blast!  There is also a 5k mud run on Saturday afternoon that I am thinking about running... The Teva Mud Run at the Teva Mountain Games 

for some reason, this picture scared Kim off!  I don't really know why!

 That's about it... other than I hope you signed up for your free spicy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a!

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