Sunday, June 30, 2013

Noah update!

Our little kid is growing up quick!  He is going to be four months old tomorrow!  He has started rolling over from his stomach to his back!  He has started talking and giggling all the time.  Well, he likes to scream too!  And he has started drooling everywhere.  He drools a lot when he tries to put both of his hands in his mouth.  I figured I had some pictures from the last two weeks that needed to be blogged!  I'll probably post another blog soon about his 4 month stats!  The first few are of Noah being taught to hold his own bottle, hanging out, doing some tummy time and his first time in his jumper.  We also got to visit Nana and Grandpa and got to meet their new chickens!

Growth picture for week 16!
Visiting Nana
Noah checking out the chickens
Noah enjoying the family 

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