Sunday, June 30, 2013

GoPro Mountain Games in Vail

Two weekends ago we headed to Vail for their annual Mountain Games.  In the past we have participated in the half marathon, the mud run, and the 10K.  This year Mikey signed up for the Road Bike Time Trial and I signed up to participate in the photo competition.  This was also Noah's first nights away from home, so we were in a for a big weekend adventure!

We headed up on Friday, and Noah did great in the car the whole way out there!  Once we got to our hotel to check in we were told that they had overbooked themselves and they offered us a free room at a different hotel just two blocks up the road.  Free you say?  Sure, we're game!  (Especially since Mikey and I both got dental crowns put in that week)  The place we went to wasn't super fancy, but we got a whole one bedroom suite with a kitchen and it had a patio that was overlooking the creek!  It worked out great for us. 

To celebrate our free accommodations we decided to have a nice dinner out and we headed to an Italian restaurant in Vail Village.  Noah did pretty good except for one breakdown that ended up as him napping in my arms while I ate!  The next day we watched kayakers go down the river, dog jumping, slackline competitors, dirt bikers, and flying fishing competitors.  We hit up our favorite pizza place in Lionshead for lunch and then Mikey went on a test bike ride around Vail.  

Later that afternoon, we decided it was time to take Noah to his first swimming pool!  It took him a little getting used to it, but then he did great!  There are pictures below of the first moments in cool water and then another two pictures once he got used to it!  After that it was definitely time for naps for everyone!  That evening we just hung around the hotel and ate dinner on the patio by the creek.  

Noah watching something intently!

The next morning we looked up Mikey's race time at it was 11:18 AM.  So, we got some breakfast and packed up the car and then he headed to the starting line!  He thought the ride would take him about and hour, so after he started I fed Noah one last time in the hotel and checked out and then went to pick up the time trialist and head home!  As it turned out, I didn't really have much time to take pictures of the events since Noah needed our constant attention.  And as for the time trialist, he was known as the guy riding a mountain bike!  We are thinking next year we might just have to try the fly fishing competition!

Happy Baby while waiting for Dad to start his race!
Michael lined up to start
On top of the starting ramp!

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