Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia - Bagels

Today's recipe was Bagels!  And seeing how I love bagels, I was not going to miss baking up this recipe.  Mikey and I decided we would bake them up over the weekend so that we could have them for breakfast all week.  I am sure glad we did, it took five minutes to mix up the dough, but then the dough had to rise for a hour and then it had to be refrigerated for four hours.  And then you got to the cooking part.  It took a while!  If you want to check out the whole recipe, the host of this week's recipe is from Heather's Bytes.

We decided we wanted to try to make chocolate chip bagels because it sounded really easy to just mix in some chocolate chips!  We forgot on the first five, so we made two cinnamon-sugar, two sea salt, and one sesame seed one.  We experimented with all the options!  It made the last five a lot easier, since they were all chocolate chip!

Mikey helped me a lot, he took pictures, he stirred the dough, he enjoyed helping me form the dough into bagels, he helped boil them, he poured the ice into the oven (I was a little scared) and he helped top the first batch!  Thanks for helping honey!

Here is the dough, Mikey forming a bagel, the boiling of one little bagel, the topping action, and the finished products!  I think we will be making these again!

While the dough was rising Mikey noticed our neighbor's yard had some visitors!


  1. ooh chocolate chip! Sounds yummy!

  2. Yum! I love all your variations! It is so nice to have help and company in the kitchen, isn't it?

  3. Looking good! We get some deer, but mostly turkeys lately!

  4. Huraiii for Mike's help! You BOTH made delicious and beautiful bagels. Did they really last for one week - what's the recipe to stop eating them! They were really yummy!
    Your neighbour must be happy that he won't need to mow the lawn for a while!